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Critical Ops 0.9.7.f384 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Minimap) Free Download

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Critical Ops 0.9.7.f384 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Minimap) Free Download, Critical Ops for Android offer you shoot game controlled by virtual controls to jump, fire, or look down a rifle scope. At the bottom of the screen, you can also use the innovative swipe wheel to switch your weapons quickly during the battle. The controls are very slick so you can resize or rearrange the set-up comfortably. Overall, you will experience an intuitive and responsive shooting game. There is also the aim-assist feature to help you align your shots a little faster.

Starting the game, you will choose your team position as anti-terrorist or terrorist. Then, you should pick your weapons. Like the terrorist, your team job is to plant a bomb in the specific location. Meanwhile, as anti-terrorist, your team should combat against the terrorist and defuse the bomb. You will realize soon that the interface and overall visuals are pretty polished

During the game, you can join a multitude of exciting tournaments to compete and win the rewards. One of the best features from this game is a feature to play against other mobile player, not only from Android platform but also other platforms such as Facebook or iOS. But, PC players might have more advantages because they have more ease on aiming target by using mouse and keyboard, unlike you who only can tap on your screen. However, you can filter the platform, so you can choose who can fight against you.

Critical Ops 0.9.7.f384 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Minimap)

The game presently options a pair of game modes: take away and Team Deathmatch. In taking away, the terrorists attempt to plant and explode a bomb whereas the counter-terrorists attempt to stop the bomb from exploding.In Team Deathmatch the groups vie for dominance at intervals a closing date. Learn and master a range of weapons, like marksman rifles and grenades. customize your favorite weapons with skins. content in intense PvP gameplay that emphasizes plan of action and technical skills. be a part of a tribe with friends, host personal matches, and watch the competitive eSports scene.

Critical Ops Features:

  • The flexibility to pick completely different guns within the game
  • Terribly easy and sleek play management
  • Contradiction with different players
  • Very stunning and beautiful graphics
  • Terribly exciting sound


  • New Layout for the shop
  • Fixed bomb aflicker
  • Fixed MP5/MP7/AUG not drawing properly on some devices
  • Fixed crosshair smudging on low-end devices
  • Fixed some map glitches in Bureau


  • Radar Mode: Marks enemies on the minimap

Game presently in Alpha phase

  • Critical Roman deity remains below development, however, you’ll be able to transfer and play the sport now!
    We will keep functioning on the sport ceaselessly to repair bugs, improve improvement and add plenty of latest options and content to the game!

Critical Roman deity isn’t and can never be pay-to-win

  • Purchase camos to customize your favorite weapons


  • Slick and intuitive controls
  • Exciting game with lots of tournaments and additional events.
  • Good quality graphics.


  • Play smoothly, but lag will easily disturb the game moves.
  • No option to enable auto-firing.


Critical Ops MOD Apk

Critical Ops MOD OBB File

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