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Tiny Granny – MOD MENU (Granny can’t attack, Invisible)

Written by DJ Hacker

Tiny Granny – MOD MENU (Granny can’t attack, Invisible), cary Granny – Horror Game is about a mysterious house which is processed by an evil granny. No one has seen this scary granny for so long. But it is noticed that house
lights turned On and Off occasionally. Some people have heard screams from the house. Evil Granny is expert in black magic. She has kept souls of the people in differentobjects. Your aim is to release these souls. You need to find all souls inside granny house and make sure granny does not catch you. Otherwise you will suffer the same.

If you complain about stay at home all day, you should feel lucky that you are not the main character in the game. Granny is a horror game that is very popular on both Google Play and Appstore stores, released by DVloper. The game will give you a sense of suffocation, thrill, and unprecedented concentration. Believe me! I still feel trembling when writing this review. As soon as you open the game, you will receive a mysterious greeting: “Welcome to Granny”.

Do not foolish when Granny find out you, you should find a safe hide under the bed or in the closet avoid her because she runs much faster than you. In recent versions, the game has created more complex puzzles. You must really try to find the key or something hidden in this house, not as simple as before. Occasionally, you may have to open the radio or music to distract her. There are so many mysteries to explore and many interesting things to do in this game, it all depends on your creativity.

The graphics of the game are very realistic, combined with the first angle that makes your fears grow. Granny is designed like zombies, not too scary but when she appeared will startle you not only once. The sound in the game is very quiet, most notably the sound of your breathing or footsteps, the scary voice of Granny. You should wear headphones to experience this game perfectly. Death is portrayed metaphorically when she kills you, your screen will darken and blood shoots up the screen. You should not let children play this game because of its scary and horror.

Mod Menu Features:

  • Invisible
  • Ant-Man Mode
  • Random Teleport
  • Granny can’t attack
  • Speed Hack
  • Giant
  • Green eyes
  • Shotgun crafted
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Kill Granny

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Granny Mod Apk


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